The Ramp Services Team serves all types of aircraft into and out of Taoyuan International Airport. Members are required to operate heavy machinery and apply familiarity with aircraft marshaling service process so as to ensure smooth and safe takeoff/loading.

Ramp Services:

  1.Provide aircraft marshaling at arrival and/or departure.
  2.Provide well chocks and suitable fire fighting equipment.
  3.Perform ramp to flight deck communication, and driveway control at aircraft arrival and/or departure.
  4.Aircraft refueling.
  5.Disinfect potable water by filtration and disinfection system, and supply potable water.
  6.Operate toilet flush.
  7.Provide/operate aircraft ground power unit, air starting unit, and air conditioning unit.
  8.Provide aircraft brake cooling.
  9.Provide aircraft windshield cleaning.
10.Provide tow-in and/or push-back equipment for movement of aircraft.
11.Provide position move service for aircraft.
12.Special aircraft assistance.


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