The Maintenance Service Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Ground Service facilities and equipments to ensure the safe, optimal performance of all equipments at all times. Responsive care supports the needs and seamless operation of Ground Service facilities and equipment, providing a foundation of quality services.

Quality Inspection:

1.Design of quality control and inspection of equipment maintenance.
2.Set-up and execution of customer complain control system and implement of market survey for quality.
3.Follow up the cause of abnormality relating to equipment maintenance and taking corrective and preventive action.

Maintenance Contrl:

1.Control of equipment routine maintenance.
2.Planning of equipment maintenance and improvement on rectification measures.
3.Collection and analysis of customer requirements.

Logistic Support:

1.Purchasing of equipment, tools, and parts.
2.Supplies inventory control.
3.Management of stock on materials, tools, and spare parts.

Maintenance & Repair:

1.Maintenance/Repair of powered equipment and making improvement on equipment capacity.
2.Maintenance of passenger boarding bridge and 400Hz power supply equipment.
3.Maintenance/Repair of customer's equipment and vehicles.
4.Full maintenance of all TIAS powered equipment and machinery.
5.Periodical check, repair, overhaul and fabrication of non-powered equipment.
6.Periodical check, maintenance and repair of TIAS's fire extinguishers.
7.Maintenance/Repair assembly and fabrication of customer's non-powered equipment.
8.Self-manufacturing some non-powered equipment like as baggage trailer with FRP canopy, pallet trailer, and baggage cart.

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