In order to keep aircraft in peak condition for the next flight ahead and ensure safe flight, TIAS accomplishes as a five-star service, so that aircraft can rest and restock and needed. The ground services and maintenance divisions are the two main departments as TIAS. Ground Services are divided into five sections, responsible for landing/takeoff, and supply loading and recharging between flights. In addition, the Operational Supervision and Control Center are responsible for collection of flight information, skill training, and personnel assignment tasks. The Maintenance Division is Largely responsible for maintenance and repair duties, to keep ground service equipments operate in peak condition. Additional vehicle and machinery repair services and also offered to our clients.

Company services can be categorized as follow:

1.Provision of ground service of International civil aviation airport and transitional commercial flights.
2.Off/onloading of baggage,mail and carge from/onto aircraft and transport loads.
3.Manufacture and sale of airport operation equipments.
4.Maintenance and repair of airport operation facilities and vehicles.
5.Ground Services entrusted by airlines.
6.Engaging in the warehouse undertaking.

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