Management Course
  Basic management course Intermediate management Course
  Deference to the career
Training of work instruction(TWI)
Communicating skill
The skill of leadership
Basic management principle training
Corporation culture and image
Training course of cadre and OJT practice
Introduction to Human Resource
Introduction to conception of marketing and service quality
Communication and leadership
Improvement of job performance

  Advanced management course Management concept course
  Strategic planning practice and managment
Analysis of corporation policy
Total quality management
Reengineering of corporation operation process
Management by objective
Public relations and crisis management
Negotiating and communicating skill
Time management
Course of dealing with pressure and setback
Centralized responsibility system

  Advance study of speciality
  Corporation management candidate course
Management Training Program

Speciality training for ground handling operations
  Basic training for new employees
Operating of tow-tug
Operating of belt conveyor
Operating of main-deck/lower-lobe loader(including emergency withdrawal)
Operating of facilities on board the main deck of B747 freight
Training of breaking down inbound cargo and sorting
Training of building up pallet and container and T-stacking
Training of delivery of inbound and outbound cargo
Training of assembling outbound cargo and mail
Operaing of forklift
  Operating of catering/commissary truck
Training of aircraft security check
Training of aircraft cabin cleaning operations and recognition of cleaning duty codes
Training of aircraft cabin elevator operating
Operating of passenger doors
Operating of garbage truck
Operating of ambulance truck
Training of headset man
Operating of lavatory servicing unit
Operating of potable water unit
Operating of ground power unit(includes operating 400HZ convertor)
Operating of air-conditioning unit
Operating of air starting unit
Training of aircraft marshaling
Operating of passenger boarding bridge
Operating of cherry picker
  Operating of passenger step
Training of shuttle bus operating
Operating of aircraft towing tractor
Recognition of aviation station codes
Training of in/outbound baggages handling (building up/breaking down/transferring)

Training of Dangerous Goods Regulations
  Introduction and awareness to Dangerous Goods Regulations
Recognition and handling of dangerous goods (Advanced course)
Dangerous Goods Regulations Course

Training of operation safety and regulations
  Recognition of operation safety regulations of ground services
Incident prevention training
Fire fighting training and drills
Aviation safety and security training

Language course
  Vocabulary relative to ground handling
Vocabulary relative to aviation industry
English conversation

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