Located on the center of Asia-Pacific pivot, Taiwan has aggressively developed navigation rights and established broad flight networks worldwide in recent years. The increasing number of commercial and cargo flights taking off and landing at Taoyuan International Airport results in steadily growing in this field. Well-established five-star services for commercial aircraft and the finest facilities are the prerequisites for our premium services. With the expansion of services and the elevation of service quality, TIAS has continuously augmented latest facilities to maintain a superior level of service.

TIAS Ground Handling Equipment:

Ground Power Unit
To offer the 115/200 VAC electricity for aircraft
Air Conditioning Unit
To supply the air condition for the interior cabin
Air Start Unit
To assist the aircraft engine for start-up
Aircraft Towing Truck
To assist aircraft for push-out or position move
To offer the clean service for the window shield
Shuttle Bus
To transport the passenger between terminal and remote bay
assenger Stairway Truck
a passenger steps for boarding or unboarding
Catering Truck
to transport and keep the meal refrigerated
Lower-deck Loader
To load/unload cargo for belly cargo compartment
Main-Deck Loader
To load/unload cargo for main deck cargo compartment
Belt Loading
To load/unload cargo for bulk cargo compartment
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Category Quantity
Powered Equipment 802
Non-powered Equipment 5587
Total 6389

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