Year 1978 On the basis of the government civil aviation developing policy, MTC & CI cooperated in the establishment of the Taoyuan International Airport Services Company Limited(TIS) in 1978.
  Year 1979 TIAS began full-scale ground service at Taoyuan Int'l Airport on 26th, February, 1979.
  Year 1994 TIAS attended the Ground Handling Council of IATA in July, 1994.
  Year 1995 Set up the Data Process Center for developing the computerized operation system on all ground services in August, 1995.
  Year 1996 The equipment maintenance department had received the registration of the ground support equipment(GSE) maintenance factory in Taoyuan Airport in January,1996.
TIAS incorporated a C.I.S.(Corporate Identification System) to promote her corporate image and enhance internal values in October,1996.
  Year 1997 To completely build up the training education plan and execution, a training center had established in April, 1997.
  Year 1998 The audit office had been set up for auditing the service quality and the financial items on 30th, December, 1998.
TIAS acquired on the ISO-9002 accreditation certificate under the inspection of BSI company on 25th, March, 1998.
This recognized quality assurance systems will be much help to maintain the high quality service standards to all customers.
  Year 1999 In April 1999, TIAS planned to involve in the cargo business and invested in a joint venture - Taiwan Fylin company that manufactures and maintains all types of cargo containers and pallets with a local aluminum fabrication company Hwaguo Electrical Machinery.
TIAS had diversified its business in Taoyuan airport and invested TACT Logistics company in September, 1999.
  Year 2000 In January 2000, TIAS secured its first venture into the domestic ground handling market at Tai-Tung airport in Southeast of Taiwan.
The factory that manufactures and maintains cargo pallets and containers is completing the certificate to achieve CAA standard.
  Year 2001 In May 2001, TIAS established a subsidiary service company-Tao Yu company.
  Year 2002 In June 2002, the ISO accreditation certificate had been successfully transferred as ISO 9001:2000.
  Year 2006 In August 2006, TIAS acquired the Airport Handling Manual 804 (AHM804) of IATA accreditation certificate, which has won a prize for excellence in ground handling.
  Year 2008 In January 2008, TIAS established an aviation security plan & aviation security quality control plan approved by Aviation Police Office.
  Year 2011 Attaining the ISAGO registration in Oct. 2011. Being the first ground handling company to get this honor in Taiwan.
  Year 2013 TIAS successfully achieved the reexamination of ISAGO registration on 9th October 2013.
  Year 2015 TIAS successfully achieved the reexamination of ISAGO registration in July 2015.
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