TIAS is a joint venture ground handling company owned by China Airlines(49%), the Ministry of transportation and communications(45%), and United Parcel Service(6%). TIAS offers full range of ground handling services for all carriers and nowadays is the major professional ground handling company in Taoyuan Int'l Airport (TPE). In 2016, TIAS provided the aircraft ground handling service for over 81,041 flights, serviced over 24.7 million passengers, and cargo volume over 1,685,535 tons.

TIAS is the first ground handler in Taipei to acquire the ISO 9001 accreditation, an internationally recognized quality management systems to maintain the high quality service standards. Besides, as a member of International Air Transport Association Ground Handling Council(IGHC) and the qualified ISAGO(IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operation)company, TIAS will consequently keep pace with international ground handling industry developments and commit to provide better service. Furthermore, according to the analysis report from the enterprises’ assessment, TIAS is proudly positioned as the Top 500 company of Taiwan Service Industry with the top notch for ground handling industry.

In 1996, TIAS incorporated a CIS corporate logo to promote her corporate image and ehhance internal values.  It symbolized TIAS would be constantly involved in developing advanced technology and professional services to all airlines operating into and out of Taoyuan Airport.  Moreover TIAS would upgrade herself, up to this date, to be the largest ground handler in Taiwan.

Now, based on our traditional objectives, TIAS innovated upon management principles as " Target, Intelligence, Activity, and Service". That we are striving in every aspect of company operations to continuously provide safe, efficient, and comprehensive services to all airlines, which prepare the comfort of the journey ahead.

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